Random Image Day!-#42 (Five is alive)

Book 5 of my first series is complete and has been added into the vast ocean of books currently on the market, standing proud among the masses. It marks the end of a journey, the start of so much more. It’s here, it’s done, it’s finally and truly a chance to take a very deep and satisfying breath. My baby, my creation now free, from head and heart to the hands of others.

The book cover for this final foray in The Keeper Chronicles tugs at my heartstrings for many a reason. For one, it’s the closing of one door, the leaving of old friends, comfortable haunts, a circle of trust from characters that many times knew better than me in so many ways. For others, it’s the culmination of years of work, of places and times that have changed along the way for me personally, for my characters, for life.

Choosing the cover was difficult for me and also deceptively simple. I wanted to showcase the star of my series, the main character that has been evident in every single book since her appearance on page one of Book 1. The axle of the moving vehicle, the leader with heart, the head bitch in charge even when she didn’t want to be, Truddie Mae Watts. The young version, the old version, the whole her and everything she brought to the supernatural table. Each book features a character from the series, an eye of potential, a shadow of powers, a hint of danger but for this one I wanted the whole image, finality has that effect it seems.

Big thanks to Eeva from thebookkhaleesi.com for her hard work and creativity. My vision, her talent, a finished product I will forever cherish with fond memories. Her work starting on Book 3 has been a Godsend and an encouraging light when I needed it most. Without further ado, the last and final book for The Keeper Chronicles, Frayed Endings!




Through it all, a forward momentum. Some days I never thought I would, others flew by in pages and words that flowed like a flash flood down a dry riverbed. I was guided, lost, driven, and set adrift for many a day, many a season. It’s done, it’s finished. I’m happy and excited about the future but a little sad about the passing of an era, a collection, a series.

For all there was, has been, will be Truddie Mae Watts, Niles, Gordy, Leesa, Sam, Dusty, and even Valda will hold a special place in my heart, will always flicker with the promise of what can and has been and will lit the passion and the creativity for years to come. It may be moving day for those who have fought supernatural evil, but their whispers, their energy will remain in the housing of my mind so I may reflect on them with a smile when the real world dares to consume. To those that have secretly been dialoguing within my head for the past couple of years, thank you and much love. Rest now brave soldiers for your work is done.



5 thoughts on “Random Image Day!-#42 (Five is alive)

  1. Beautiful post, Kester. The cover of the final book in The Keeper Chronicles is gorgeous. All the books in the series are beautiful and creative. As I write what I think will be the last book in my Fantasy Angels Series I can imagine how you feel. But I’m also excited to write other books about other subjects. What you’ve accomplished is amazing and I couldn’t be more proud to call you friend. These are exciting times for you. Go out and celebrate! ❤ xo

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    1. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words, V! I’m so grateful for all you do and for allowing me into your world! I think we, among so many others, are truly amazing for all that we’ve accomplished and I sit in awe at times at the experience. Cheers to our continued success and creative endeavors! Good Luck with Book 3, I can not wait! 😀

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