Quick Little Update (Breaking new ground.)

It’s been a while, it’s been longer than that in some cases. Between adulting and everything else, the summer has basically flown by without even the faintest hint it was drawing to a close. Days that seemed to drag on forever were fleeting, faking it this whole time. Now, as August comes slinking from the shadows I’ve become aware that a lot of time has passed since I posted anything on my blog.

I’m happy to report that during this summer I managed to release the complete collection of my series, “The Keeper Chronicles” which is available pretty much everywhere in Ebook form. Five books representing horror, supernatural, and southern charm are now enjoying close quarters in one neat little package. The boxed set design was done by Eeva @ http://www.thebookkhaleesi.com and it’s amazing and totally fitting for my work. She’s and her team are professionals and highly talented and I could not recommend a better group of people to work with if you’re looking for any cover designs, banners, formatting, editing, or even a trailer video. To her, many thanks for all her hard work. Check it out below! šŸ™‚



Now that we’ve gotten that awesome news out of the way, we can move on to other interesting tidbits! In the past few months, I have been wracking my brain going over a “work tank” document of many many pages filled with ideas, character names, series info and anything else I could dump from my creative mind. I was busy trying to find which direction I wanted to go, where I wanted to park a few months in a make-believe world of new characters, threats, and fun. Nothing worked and I felt lost.

I can only assume it happens to many writers regardless if they admit it or not. Where do you go? How do you continue from the ending of a series? On which side of the coin do you find yourself, the pick one choice and roll with it come hell or high water or shotgun approach multiple genres of smaller works and see which one hits the mark?

I decided the best cure for me personally was to just suck it up and start writing, let the work unfold, let the story tell me what it wants. Amazingly, even though I am not in any way, shape, or form, a pantser, I sort of turned into one. I had a rough idea, a brief thought and started to toss it into some writing which became therapeutic, addicting, and now I want it more and more. I found myself, again. I started over, I reemerged in the thick of new stories, new ideas, a flow of creativity and I can only thank the heavenly muses who decided, “yeah, you got this!”

I’m now breaking ground on a new series, a novella run, a fun ride of something new, something familiar, something fun. It’s still in its infancy, but I have direction, renewed interest and am happy breaking a sweat while slinging the shovel of creativity. It takes work, it needs energy and I am more than willing to offer myself up to its process. Stay tuned for more updates, more reviews because who doesn’t love reading, and of course, random thoughts and pictures of a life spent in fast forward.

Stay strong, keep digging. Create. Write. Read!






5 thoughts on “Quick Little Update (Breaking new ground.)

  1. Hi, Kester! You did the right thing. Sometimes you just have to sit and start writing. Good for you! Congratulations on the box set. It’s gorgeous! All the best and Happy Writing! ā¤ xo

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