The official blog home of author Kester James Finley.

You have scoured page after page searching for something relevant, something interesting to while away the hours in a dusty basement, sadly this isn’t it, but it’s close! I am the Bearded Scribbler, I write too many words and I scribble ideas on just about anything available as I work on creating new novels!

Sit, stay, look around, leave a note. Check out the Blog bar for posts from me, and from other authors and groups within the writing world. This site’s main purpose is to offer up random images and insight hoping to inspire other writers to take the leap into the world of becoming an author while providing updates for my growing collection of work. Occasionally, random book reviews may find their way to my site. If I post a review and it’s something that interests you, take a chance. Read for the love of reading!

You can buy a copy of my work or any of the books I randomly review through Amazon, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many more including the creepy alleyway next to the comics shop, or from the back of a van sitting on a dirt road. Just have fun reading, have fun creating, enjoy writing, and remember there’s never any free candy, trust me.

-Kester James Finley