Random Book Review- Cur Dogs by M.N. Seeley

Recently finished this science fiction adventure read from M.N. Seeley and posted a review on Amazon.com and over at Goodreads. If you’re looking for a great action adventure in a crazy world and you like it a little rough, this is a perfect thrill ride. It’s well worth the read. 5 out of 5.

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M.N. Seeley’s “Cur Dogs” will let you know from the first few opening lines of the very first page that this will not be a pleasant adventure story nor ever considered an easy-breezy walk among the roses. Unapologetic from the start, Seeley barely offers readers a chance to adapt before his flourish for brashness pushes the envelope into a world so masterfully created and detailed, you’ll never want to leave but be entirely grateful you survived.

Seeley introduces us to Etta Reigert, a protagonist that works in Sea City as a “chaperone” that assists in transporting packages to the promised land, better known as Dinlas Verde across a fantasy sci-fi landscape that’s about as hospitable as a bag of rattlesnakes. Well defined and instantly likable, Reigert shines in many ways while being perfectly flawed in others. Taking a job that seems simple enough and will earn her a promotion, Reigert soon finds herself in trouble.

As the story unfolds, she is put through the paces in every imaginable sense by Seeley’s flair for the dramatic among shifting scenes of danger and destruction. Beautifully broken, the strong-willed Reigert weaves in and out or morality and ethics as she is thrown into Seeley’s well-written game of mouse versus cat versus the environment leaving no stone unturned when it comes to shaking the very foundation of life for everyone involved.

Other characters include the ball-busting Stovall, the crystal hugging Birdie, and many more, all with specific defining characteristics that showcase Seeley’s ability to create a cast that works splendidly within the confines of his work without blending or becoming confusing. Readers will no doubt find a favorite along with Reigert but, with Seeley behind the wheel of this fast-moving vehicle, don’t be surprised if it flies off a cliff and explodes. You’ll love watching it burn.

Beyond the odd mix of characters making their way to Dinlas Verde, Seeley expertly details the world around them on their journey from sight, to smell, to the overall feel to the point that readers may find the need to shower during some of the more not so clean moments. Gritty, dirty, and unfiltered, it’s a dream escape for a madman, or two. Among the expertly crafted environment, the true stars of “Cur Dogs” are the animals found along the way. Under Seeley’s masterful control, these gruesomely created, and disgustingly vivid forms of life are as unforgettable as the names given to them throughout the story and would never be mistaken for cuddly or fuzzy.

Seeley’s work on “Cur Dogs” feels and reads like what would happen if LSD was freely given to the writing team of Jurassic Park. It drives itself maddeningly forward piling up the threats and ramping up the fears until its dramatic finale. One part adventure, two parts psychological test, Seeley explores the shifting parameters of human nature when the chips are down, people are pushed, and money is on the line with perfect precision. Funny, gross, somewhat touching, bloody, and damn right horrific in spots makes this science fiction jaunt a non-stop thrill ride of twisting schemes and dangerous scenarios. Much like the loveable and gentle hug of a “muskpuck” it’ll surely leave a mark. Great read, do not miss!

Amazon Link/Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/M-N-Seeley/e/B078WWWQY2/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20689459.M_N_Seeley

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