Random Book Review-The Trouble With Being God by William F. Aicher

I recently picked up and read William F. Aicher’s work titled, “The Trouble With Being God,” and went into it suspecting nothing and being delivered everything. If you’re interested, I’ve left a review on Amazon and Goodreads as well as below. Check the book out if you like crime thrillers, suspense, mystery and well, so much more. Check out the author’s other works, and see if anything sparks your interest. You will not be disappointed. 😉

Listed below is the review….



Aicher’s book, “The Trouble With Being God: 10th Anniversary Special Edition” could be considered a gritty murder mystery at the start but, as the pages turn and the body count rises, it begins to manifest itself into something much more frightening. It will leave many questioning everything they know about the human condition and the monsters that may lurk just beyond our own reflections.

Aicher’s ability to flawlessly pull his readers in from the very first page offers up subtle clues to his overall theme and direction with sickening detail and psychopathic flair before slowly whipping his created urban setting of Courtsdale into a maddening frenzy. From the moment readers are introduced to the main character of Steven Carvelle, part-time journalist and full-time drinker, we are already fully aware that Aicher intends to shatter any notion his work could be considered a cozy mystery or a simple crime thriller and for that, we should greedily devour his creation.

As the stakes are raised for Steven and the mystery deepens, Aicher’s talent for adding in a roster of townspeople, or possible upcoming victims for fans of thrillers and mysteries, adds to the overall feel of the book and fleshes out their connection to not only themselves, but to each other. Each supporting player is given enough information to make them believable and seem real through backstories and heartfelt snippets. It is with these additional players that Aicher’s skill at being able to plunge the knife deeper into his readers’ hearts when the death toll begins to climb, and people start showing their true colors, that shines a light on his creativeness and his overall understanding of the internal workings of man.

Much like an onion, “The Trouble With Being God,” has layers. Some layers are bright while some poignant, others dirty and stained but all work collectively to form a complete picture making this book truly work from every angle. Fast-paced throughout, Aicher quickly splashes the pages with hope and possible resolutions before kicking the brakes off his masterfully created elevator straight to hell and the free of charge provided horror show of seeing everyday citizens break down to their complete worst.

A theme or thought is brought to light within the work readers may or may not discover until hours or days later after the final page is turned on an ending that will most likely force people to gnaw off their own fingernails from the shock alone, that is Aicher has been possibly playing us all along. Crafting a world steeped in human emotion, cleverly disguised ruses, and crime scenes that will no doubt test the limits of most readers’ intestinal fortitude, Aicher has splendidly given us all exactly what we wanted the most in spades, even if we don’t fully understand or never grasp the gift for which he has bestowed until much later. Grab a coat and jump in a cab, Courtsdale is waiting for you as visitor or victim. Great read!


***If you have questions or comments please feel free to say hello or throw candy out your car window at me as you squeal tires racing away, that works too! If you’ve read something recently that tickled your fancy, let us know,! Keep reading, keep writing, and keep on doing your thing, or things if you’re into that! ;)***

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