What Self-Sabotage Really Looks Like

Writers, the struggle is real. A great blog article that points out the internal conflicts authors face, give it a read!

Holden Sheppard - Author

If I don’t write, I get sick.

I don’t mean physically sick in the guts. Although, that said, some of the overblown metaphors I’ve spun over the years have caused several readers to experience symptoms including head-spinning and projectile vomiting. (Exorcisms were needed.)

And I don’t mean the manflu that my partner accuses me of having every time a head cold knocks me for six and renders me a curled-up foetus watching old episodes of Pokemon and begging for cups of black tea. (“Please, baby, I’m too sick to boil the kettle …”)

The kind of sickness I’m talking about is more like a soul sickness.

A soul disease, maybe.

All I know is that when I spend too much time away from writing, everything goes to shit for me in terms of my mental and emotional wellbeing.

When I’m actively writing – whether it’s my blog or my creative…

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6 thoughts on “What Self-Sabotage Really Looks Like

  1. “A Soul disease maybe.” You nailed it. I’m only ever truly content when the muse holds me hostage. Those around me cross their fingers and hope to hell no idiot posts the ransom money requested. Sigh.😎

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