Random Book Review!-Wizard Bound by Adam and Christian Boustead

Offering up poems that center on fantasy and the magical/supernatural world we’ve come to love through the ages Adam and Christian Boustead’s Wizard Bound is a great collection of poems that take fantasy lover’s back to the day of video games, movies, comics, love of folklore, mythical creatures, and magic!

It’s Mental March’s first review, and instead of looking for the crazy characters we create in our writing, we’re focusing on looking way back to our younger years of too much soda and hoping a dice roll would save our beloved Paladin from an angry orc! Afterall, our childhoods directly relate to how we are as adults, it’s all related! It’s a lovely trip to fantasy worlds and supernatural entities and one that I hope you enjoy if you’re into poems and that genre. Listed below is the review along with links! Enjoy!


Wizard Bound by Adam and Christian Boustead is a collection of poems written to satisfy the fantasy lover in all of us by providing poems that not only linger on the imagination but shine a light into a magical world that has endured for countless ages.

The collection of work provided by both Adam and Christian remains light in its approach to attract readers of all ages but the extent of powerful lyrical accomplishments within Wizard Bound will entice lovers of fantasy and those who fondly remember the movies, the role-playing games, and the fascination of magical worlds and supernatural beings from our long-forgotten childhoods.

Adam and Christian expertly detail the world of fantasy in all its glory including mythical creatures, supernatural beings, medieval settings,  and even odes to novelists Ursula Le Guin and Alex Garner within their collection of poems showcasing not only their talent, but their overall understanding and love of the genre and the lifetime of loyalty that comes with this fascinating world of magic, Gods, and creatures of myth. The pieces within Wizard Bound, although seeming to be mainly geared for young adult audiences, will still touch older readers with nuances and nostalgia and fascinate with its additional work in the realm of Japanese folklore and RPG video games.

An easy read to most, Wizard Bound may seem like simple poetry but within its magical offerings, readers will find deeper meanings and understandings for some of our most cherished memories, lessons, and fears. Thought provoking as well as enjoyable, Wizard Bound can be considered a perfect addition to any fantasy lover’s collection, a touching tribute to the mythical and supernatural worlds we have followed and learned from, and a great introduction to readers who are just starting their journey into poetic offerings. It may not be perfect for all, but for those of us who live and breathe wonderment and magical places beyond our own reality, it’s an engrossing trip through several areas of the fantasy genre and one you would be foolish not to buy a ticket to enjoy.




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