Random Book Review Roundup- #1

I like to read. I do, when I’m not writing. Many times, especially in the past, I would read a work by another indie author or self-published writer and leave a huge dissertation in review form on Goodreads and Amazon as well on here on my blog. I loved doing it, I enjoyed detailing how I felt, the read, the depth, the work, and the creativity of fellow writers for all to see. It also took quite a bit of time away from my own goals and pursuits. Now, things have changed.

While I do love leaving long reviews, it ends up being less than required, or even feasible when it comes to overall algorithms or whether or not it equates to a sale. Authors love to see a review, two sentences are perfect, sometimes more, sometimes less. I’m like a slot machine when it comes to words. For a quarter, you may get more, you may get less. Overall, I want you to know I’ve read your work. I want others to know I liked it or didn’t without the long-drawn-out literary critiques. You get to see it, it will still make you feel a certain way, but this route ends up being less time-intrusive for me and still comes to the same conclusion. You rock, you created something awesome, and now others will know too. Give yourself pats, give yourself the hugs. You’ve earned it.

In the future, I will try to do a “roundup” of a few of the books I’ve read over the past couple of weeks and place their reviews in the blog post as well as leaving them on Amazon and Goodreads. You get the stars, I get to clean out my TBR pile without outlining and producing a ten-page review. More people get read, more writers get recognition. You may find your book next to another genre in the roundup, it’s simply the placement of how I read them or however they loaded up when I put them in the blog after reading. No worries. You may have questions. I have answers and respond well to savory, sweet, and salty in equal measure. *wink wink*

Listed below are the reviews as seen on Amazon and Goodreads. If you find yourself interested give these authors a chance and pick up their works, you won’t be disappointed and you may ever find a new favorite. No pressure. Much love and keep writing, keep reading!!

The Valley by Mike Salt—

A stress-relieving trip to a cabin with friends to enjoy the fresh air among the great outdoors quickly spirals into a supernatural hellscape under the devilish mastery of Salt’s writing proving that sometimes getting away from it all can kill in the most sinister ways. Bringing memorable characters to life and pushing them into deadly situations among a shifting landscape of terror is par for the course in The Valley.

As the chills ramp up so does the danger as Salt’s characters are hurtled into a ghostly mind-bending mystery that slinks from the shadows and brings with it unrelenting fear. Questions arrive with answers as death eagerly awaits around every twisting corner and turn. Although not focusing entirely on one character’s experience, Salt manages multiple viewpoints and experiences with skill choosing to push his readers into the heart, soul, and panicked decisions of those we can affectionately call, his victims. In spots, the quick cutaways to other characters could have felt bumpy, but Salt easily manages to quickly corral any possible confusion.

Forests and valleys can be dangerous places even for experienced hikers and nature lovers, under Salt’s direction it becomes even more so in this enjoyable fast-paced supernatural horror read.

Rain on a Tin Roof: A Romance Novel by Sandra A. Sigfusson—

Sigfusson delicately dances through Rain on a Tin Roof with skillful flourishes that promise new readers something enjoyable while providing enough standards within to please regular fans of the genre. With the characters of Virginia and Luke, Sigfusson demonstrates her ability to provide well-developed characters that are easily relatable, realistic, and in-tune with their emotions and fallible natures.

Hinting at fate and instant attraction, Sigfusson’s control of her world and that of her character’s heartfelt choices and tough decisions will no doubt have readers enjoying and connecting with her characters throughout. Every moment a chance, a sliding door to our future and one that we are led through and into with gentle touches and a guiding hand.

With enough romance to book a spot on the Hallmark channel and enough steam to fill an evening on HBO without going full smut, Sigfusson creates a realistic world where wants, desires, and the pull of temptation meet life’s daily grind. Something for every reader, be it new to the genre or a regular, Rain on a Tin Roof is a winner and hits every note.

Patrick F. Johnson’s Cheap Book: Aliens Versus Vampires Now With Mermaids by Patrick F. Johnson—

Even if the title clearly details what readers can expect within, Johnson delivers even more with this sci-fi, horror, fantasy mash-up novella. Packing humor, horror, thrills, spills, and even a little pew-pew into this shorter work, Johnson takes readers on a deftly created fast-paced ride through a tightly focused plot with fun and innovative characters that are relatable in some aspects and completely off the wall in others. Great read, instantly memorable, and desperately screaming for a sequel, Johnson’s “Cheap Book” is a steal!

The Flash Fiction Fridays Project: 2020 Anthology by Emily Larkins—

Well written, this anthology is a heartwarming experience that centers on inner and outer conflicts and the emotions that orbit our everyday lives. Each offering within Larkins’s collection is a stand-alone experience that brings with it memorable characters and situations that move the spirit and speak volumes of the human condition, the struggles, the love, and the inevitable passing of time. Enjoyable, heartfelt, truthful.


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