Random Book Review-A Sky Littered with Stories by R.D. Pires

I recently finished this book and have left a review on Amazon and Goodreads as well as here in case any of my followers would like to give it a read. A brilliant anthology of short stories, it’s one that will appeal to many. Below is my posted review as well as links. Enjoy, read, write, and embrace!

Five of Five stars!

A panoramic view of humanity.

In “A Sky Littered with Stories” by RD Pires, readers are taken on a winding tour of life with its varied ups and downs across an expanse of existence from birth to death. Within this collection of short stories, the emotions are ever-present and, much like the starry night above, are wide open for interpretation and meaning in our own lives while we gaze upon the light offered.

At its start, Pires’s work could be seen as a simple collection of short stories showcasing his work. Several pages in, readers are treated to the subtle brilliance hidden within. Weaving heart throughout, Pires takes his readers on a journey that seems to dance effortlessly between genres without overly saturating his work on one particular area of interest. Hints of the supernatural combine with drama and suspense while action blends flawlessly with budding romance coupled with fear. Each short story, something new. Each offering, a shifting perspective, an emotion checked off a hidden list. Expertly crafted, each display denotes a sense of our fragile existence, the mortal coil that ties us together. Although readers will be wanting to place Pires’s writing into a specific genre, doing so would only muddle the overall experience and diminish the appeal of how anthologies function. His work can be seen as all things, all of it in bits and pieces, beautiful, broken, dark, and light.

Within the stories, beyond the shifting parameters of Pires’s scenes, characters are well delivered and conceptually sound on all levels. We are pulled into their worlds and given access to moments, seconds of lives beyond our own. While the endings of most of the offerings follow a “good enough for now” or “happy for now” setting with some dropping off not so heart-felt, it does take some time getting used to this technique until we are made aware that maybe Pires’s goal was to force us to reminiscence, feel, or evaluate which worked flawlessly on so many levels in that regard. Readers will no doubt find enough detail in each story to be drawn in and allowed to form their own opinions on how each should effectively end or if what was given is enough to satiate.

Throughout, readers may find that Pires’s work operates much in the same way a television remote works. Each story seems to represent a channel change, to a show already in progress masterfully crafted for our appeal that works double duty to invoke a feeling, bring forth a long-forgotten experience of our lifetimes be it love, loss, illness, or the oddity of a life lived on a spinning ever-changing planet. Given enough detailed information and characterization to interest us before the scene/channel is changed, each story leaves us with a different emotion, a new experience, a shifting perspective. Lingering on the mind longer than the page count of each, the stories encourage additional thinking on the readers’ part, exploration of scenarios and possibilities. One could easily see an additional anthology on Pires’s part containing a collection of “what happened next” or “later that same day” of some of his stories but the chance of souring the emotional longevity of his initial work would make that a dicey proposition.

“A Sky Littered with Stories” is a journey through a shifting landscape of people and places throughout timelines that mirror our own experiences and the emotions accompanying each. Thoughtful and paced affectionately, Pires’s work stands as a definitive example of the possible fullness and ultimate briefness of life in its many colored and beautifully fractured parts. Shining bright or dimly lit through space and time, each character is all of us, each makes an appearance, and all have presence and meaning among the backdrop of humanity. Wonderfully crafted.    

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