Random Image Day!-#43 (Counting Stars)

I, much like many at the present moment are, am dealing with a nearly endless cycle of stay at home worries. Some of us have navigated this new way of living in various ways, others have further cemented themselves into the realm of hermits.

It’s been a trying time for us all and, as time progresses, can clearly be defined as a turning point in our ideals, belief systems, and way of living. Society is shifting, thoughts are changing. I do not think we’ll ever go back to the “way it was” but it is my deepest hope that we’ll rise up, regardless of how long it takes, with greater connections to those around us, for the betterment of the world spinning right outside our securely locked doors.

For me, writing is an escape. I use it to drown out the world around me as much as possible. In those newly created worlds and developing characters, I control, I rule, and I choose the direction even when those within its pages clearly have other plans. It’s a way to control something tangible, to still the nerves, to calm the mind when its needed most and I think, or at least I hope, many of my fellow writers will agree it’s the same for them as well.

A few months ago when this all was just a brief mention on the nightly news thousands of miles away I was busy diving headfirst into a new series, this time a novella series based around superheroes. You can see the included picture below. 😉 Yes, totally tooting my own horn.

It took off in my mind and I allowed it, it grew and began manifesting into several different things all blossoming from my overall need to drown out the world around me by firmly situating myself in one of my own creation. I didn’t think I could do it, I didn’t know it was even possible but within the span of a few months I had managed three 26-32K word novellas which ended up being roughly one a month. I decided to keep going, I have to, I owe it to my characters as much as I need to escape.

The main problem I’m facing is the jumping off of one genre to another. I usually write supernatural/paranormal and general fantasy, but to suddenly bounce into a genre considered sci-fi and mostly superhero fantasy it took a few moments to navigate a new world. I have to say there was definitely a learning curve to narrow down my writing for the sake of smaller work when I have a tendency to be very wordy, which by now is probably obvious to most.

During the past few months, it also got me to thinking…Is is common for authors to skip genres? Is it normal for writers to try their hand in several genres to see which they prefer or is just seen as chasing the buck or running after the green dragon? If you did it, were you successful? Would you do it again? Thoughts are always welcomed. 🙂

Now, as I sit and work on finishing up the first draft of Episode 3, of The AOA– Season 1 I’m more determined to continue, satisfied in what I’ve created but wanting so much more.

I have a whole list of books waiting patiently from other self-pubbed authors for a read through and I could not be more excited about the diversion. Anything to take me away from the news, away from the fear, the confusion, the endless shifting information is regarded with the highest of praise, as a savior, as a helping hand and shoulder.

In the world of writing we tend to isolate on a regular basis. Sometimes, now more than ever, we could use a little interaction, a little escape, a little peace of mind knowing someone like us is out there, writing, planning, counting the stars.

Stay safe, stay strong. Write, read, and embrace the world around you even if only while glancing out the windows. Much love.


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