Random Book Review- Wish Upon a Leaf by Teresa Grabs

Straying a little bit from my usual horror and supernatural reviews, I decided to expand my reading enjoyment and dove into this children’s book by Teresa Grabs. I have left a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and here for all my followers. If it’s something that appeals to you give it a read! Enjoy!!





In Wish Upon a Leaf, Teresa Grabs offers up a children’s story that feels classic in its approach but remains viable for today and any age group. Touching and uplifting, Grabs’ offering delivers a tale that borders on timeless all the while creating whimsical touches and bittersweet experiences.

Emotionally speaking, Grabs’ portrayal of her main characters, Timothy, Sarah, and Edward expertly defines the overall mood and setting of her work. As three runaways from a local orphanage, each character remains brilliantly showcased throughout with individual personalities, wants, needs, and desires.

By placing them in difficult challenges, wins, and losses, Grabs’ ability to pull readers into the plight of her characters and the emotional bond they share makes Wish Upon a Leaf shine brightly as strengths and vulnerabilities are fully explored and the structure of the ideal family shifts. Each character, including supporting ones such as Sister Rachel and Miss Williams, is detailed and well-thought-out making them feel real and adding to the overall story without diluting it or taking anything away from its progression.

Throughout, Wish Upon a Leaf, readers are introduced to several locations that are wonderfully thought out and descriptive. Grabs’ ability to visually present every aspect of the world the children find themselves in delivers and brings the story to life with a vintage feel. Although no period of time or specific dates were offered except a mentioning of a 1934 Packard Eight vehicle at the book’s start, a mention of a McDonald’s, and a reference to Woodstock at night, Grabs’ depiction of her world eludes to a modern setting while remaining firmly rooted in a story scape that feels as classical as “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, as an example.

In Grabs’ attempt to create a children’s story with general appeal, she has managed to go beyond that masterfully to create a charming work with heart and soul. By creating a world that feels as if it could be anywhere or right around the corner both near and far, Wish Upon a Leaf will remain relevant for years to come with its touches of warmth and bigger picture mechanics that will resonate for children and adults alike. New readers will no doubt enjoy the journey Wish Upon a Leaf provides and will find the magic within a blissful reminder that family is where the heart is regardless of how it presents itself.

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