Random Book Review- The Grunge Narratives: A Rare Horror Collection by Nick Younker

Recently, I had a chance to read Nick Younker’s, Grunge Narratives. A collection of horror short stories, it’s a great mix of scares, chills, and spills and goes great with Indie April! If you fancy horror, supernatural, creepy things, and everything that goes bump in the night, check it out! Posted below is my review which was shared on Amazon and Goodreads! Keep writing, keep reading, enjoy! 😀


Rated 4 out of 5 stars!

Serving up horror in a collection of short-stories, Nick Younker’s work will delight fans of the macabre while satisfying readers who enjoy the supernatural and paranormal side of life without the splashes of gore. Nestled within its pages, there’s something for everyone regardless of taste.

At the start, Younker sets the foundation with a disclaimer regarding his writing style as “grunge narratives,” allowing readers a chance to understand the mechanics of his work and what they can expect throughout. In simple terms, each short story opens in the middle and follows through to the end. While some readers and genres would find this problematic, Younker flawlessly showcases this style within the horror framework by peppering his prose with just enough backstory to fill in any lingering questions. By cleverly and leisurely guiding readers on a fast-paced and panic-driven journey through his creative mind, Younker creates atmosphere by whispering and hinting at danger closing in from behind and creeping towards you just around the corner. Joining a chilling show already in progress, his masterful writing style gradually dims the lights on hope and safety before devilishly laughing at you in the dark.

At its heart, Younker’s work is a collection of fun short horror stories ranging from gruesome to creepy and all are wonderfully crafted to jump right into and enjoy either in smaller bites or as one large feast. Upon deeper inspection, readers will find that Younker understands what truly scares as he brings the fear with wild abandonment in as many forms as possible. As readers remove a layer of his collection with each finished short, they’ll soon discover a broader scope of the content appearing just below the surface. While each story could be considered stand-alone, together they blend perfectly creating a chilling tapestry of shared settings, people, and places that echo through space and time.

The brilliance behind Younker’s collection is not so much this it resonates so well for fans of horror, but from how well his work also invokes nostalgic feelings of the ‘80s and ‘90s and brings forth terror-soaked memories from our youth within its pages. Understanding that not all horror needs to be violently gruesome, Younker delivers psychological scares, dark comedy chills, and building supernatural tensions in addition to a healthy dose of bloodshed and heartfelt moments between all the running and screaming. Fans of classic television offerings such as “Creepshow,” “Tales from the Crypt,” and “Tales from the Darkside,” will instantly relate to Younker’s work as it truly feels and reads like a season from one of those beloved shows and could be considered a possible source of some of his overall inspiration.

If you’re a fan of quick horror reads that start in all the right spots without the long and drawn out back build and hunger for shorter works that add to an overall story with increasing depth, you’re in a for a treat. Offering something for everyone on a talented menu, Younker’s “Grunge Narratives” are sure to satisfy any appetite. Just be sure to leave the lights on when reading to chase away the darkness lest you end up the main course. Good horror fun, a creepy good time.

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