Random Book Review-Halloween Party by Rayne Duncan

I recently had a chance to read Rayne Duncan’s short story, “Halloween Party” and left a review. If you’re interested in shorter works with heart and some darker elements you’d be a fool not to check it out! Check out my review below and keep reading and writing!


4 out of 5 stars!

In Duncan’s short story entry into the world of thrillers, suspense, and mystery her readers are taken for a casual stroll through a woman’s life and then just as easily left for dead within it. What starts as a crawl quickly escalates to a full on run through a world Duncan so cleverly disguises as heartfelt and emotionally comforting as dark twists rise up and strike mercilessly with sinister intent and sharpened blades.

Duncan’s introduction of Katie Sommers as the lead in this short fiction work showcases her ability to deliver a believable character. A person most readers will find relatable given certain circumstances. From the first paragraph, Duncan pulls her readers into the world of Sommers and easily lays the foundation for what she will later ruthlessly and unapologetically destroy. Supporting characters are perfectly utilized filling in any gaps that flesh out Sommers to be as real as the girl next door, the woman we’ve seen in class, known from a past job, or are still friends with.

Although fast-paced and short, Duncan packs as much punch into her work as a round of heavyweight boxers delivering quick jabs and glancing blows to her readers before delivering the final knockout. Masterfully weaving emotions with a hint of deeply rooted psychology and sliding door moments, Duncan’s exploration of the inner thought processes of a woman juggling life, decisions, and everything in between instantly pulls readers in as she leads them down a dimly lit hallway, spills some blood, and exacts her master plan.

Duncan doesn’t necessarily break new ground in this genre, but what she does produce is a seemingly flawless depiction of the struggles many women face daily and the subsequent damage that can rise up as a result, both physically and mentally. Readers are given enough information to care, to understand, and to be intrigued before Duncan effectively turns off the lights and leaves us all in the dark with a devilish smile. Quick and powerful, blissful and macabre, well worth it!


This review was also posted on Goodreads and Amazon. 🙂 Enjoy and keep sharing and creating!

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