Random Image Day!-#40 (Taking the walk)

As the month of Aquarius wraps up and slips away into Pisces, I noticed it’s been slightly busier than normal the entire month of February. After taking a couple weeks off to focus, adult, and manage the release of Book 4 it seemed it would never end and some days seemed destined to drive me insane. During those moments a couple of things happened that I just now came to terms with, so to speak, and how it affected me on every level.

During “my” month that I share with my fellow water-bearers it seems I grew up and took stock of my life. Pals I thought I’d have forever found themselves unfriended and people I viewed as enemies became besties. I heard people complain about indie authors promoting their work only to see those same people post about their own. It was a confusing few weeks and once the dust settled I realized some people are out there to help, others to hinder, and some, like myself and many others, just want to read, write, and enjoy snacks hidden away from society.

I say these things for a reason and that is, we’re all different and we’re all working on things behind the scenes. As an indie author, I support and owe a great deal of respect to others in this crazy self-publishing world. I wish I could read everything, I wish I could retweet every fellow writer I come across. Hands helping each other up the mountain, or at least onto the trail is how I see it, sadly some do not. For the future, I intend to help and support as much as possible and I hope many feel the same way. Whatever or where ever your journey of writing takes you know that for every bad apple there’s an orchard of positive vibes there right alongside you. Keep writing, head down, ignore the naysayers and create, love, share, and support.

For me, Book 5 is starting to transform before my eyes. It’s daunting to be at the beginning of yet another journey of the rough draft, editing, revising and all that happens behind the scenes. It’s also inspiring and magical for the path is lit for a fantastic journey and a marvelous end to my first book series. I may not see the end through the tough spots, but I know I’m not giving up, not stopping. Taking the walk with baby steps when needed, full on gas pedal slamming launch forward when it’s possible. Blazing forward!



Photo Credit: Amazing World by Caras Ionut. Website at http://www.carasdesign.com 

One thought on “Random Image Day!-#40 (Taking the walk)

  1. Good for you, Kester! Blaze forward. Of course indie writers have to promote themselves! If not who’s going to do it? We don’t have a “team” of marketers and publicists to do it for us. Besides, even traditionally published authors promote themselves on social media nowadays. To be honest, I find indie authors that don’t promote themselves and other indie writers on social media to be quite ridiculous. That’s what social media is for, to build your author brand and promote your stuff and help others to do the same.
    I’m writing the first draft of the 3rd installment of my Fantasy Angels Series and I completely relate to what you’re saying, it is daunting. It’s all worth it in the end though. ❤ xo

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