Random Image Day!-#39 (Four out the door!)

It’s Friday, finally a weekend to enjoy instead of the usual running and screaming of adulting. It’s also the day of new book releases, namely mine! I don’t normally lay it all out there, but Book 4 of The Keeper Chronicles is done and uploading to retailers as we speak. I know, crazy right!? Who would have thought that we’d make it this far?

When I started this journey I spent a great deal of time writing Book 1 and thinking it would take forever and I was overwhelmed with the tasks of getting it all into place and the lengths indie authors go through to send their works out into the world. It took a long time of learning the ropes, getting in with knowledgeable people, and growing as an individual. It was hard, it was frustrating, it was awesome! After Books 2 and 3, it was a little easier, and I found my voice to carry on. Now, as I settle into bed tonight joyful and thoroughly satisfied at having completed Book 4 I can safely say, I kind of know what I’m doing now, sorta.

Personal thanks to Eeva at thebookkhaleesi.com for all her hard work in not only creating and designing Book 3 but for also battling my crazy ideas for Book 4. Her skill and dedication to her craft is nothing short of awesome and I highly recommend her for any author services you may be in the market for. We can’t do it all and, as an indie author herself, she knows a thing or two about the biz! Many thanks, many hugs!



If you’re writing, keep it up! No matter where you are in the process, it will and can be your creation, your dream, your special weekend happy post. Enjoy your weekend and keep it up!


6 thoughts on “Random Image Day!-#39 (Four out the door!)

  1. Congratulations, Kester! Wow! You’re such a prolific writer. The cover is gorgeous! Eeva did the cover for my latest short story and the formatting too. I wish you all the best with your new release, my friend. 😊💕

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