Random Image Day!-#36

It’s almost that time! I would say I’m excited and I am, however, I also want to hang onto the massive collection of Halloween treats I bought with the intention of handing out to all the little ghosts and ghouls. Is it wrong to spend all that cash on candy only to turn off the walkway light Halloween night and giggle maniacally behind my front door while eating copious amounts of sugary treats? I’ll let you know how it feels…(insert villainous laugh/fade to dark)

As we approach the fateful evening when the supernatural veil thins and the hidden haunts climb from the shadows to dance in the pale moonlight, we need to savor the build-up, the fun, the festiveness of the season. Much like during Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many things and this season is one of them. I am thankful for the rotating amount of scary horror scream-filled movies playing on numerous channels. I am thankful for the hint of cooler air and the dryness that comes with it. (It’s Florida, we’ll take what we can get!) I’m also thankful for friends and family who share in the fun and most importantly, my writing career and all that it has brought my way.

I may not always bang out gazillions in words every week but I do enjoy writing, more importantly, being a part of the world of indie authors. There is some great work out there that begs to be read in every genre imaginable and I feel blessed to be able to have access to it through social media knowledge and random searches. There are people out there writing because they love it, writing because they want to share, and writing because they are about as crazy as I am, some even more. We owe it to them to read their work, to wade into the pool of creative processes and enjoy the swim.

As I’m getting ready to scare the kids from the lawn so I can pass out in bed surrounded by the discarded wrappers of hundreds of pieces of candy while some vintage horror film plays in the background, I will give thanks to the readers and writers out there! The next morning when I’m falling over myself with a headache and a stomach full of Laffy Taffy and peanut butter cups, I will sit in front of my computer and begin the next chapter, the next sentence, the next creation. I’ve recently started Book 4 of The Keeper Chronicles and after about 45 pages in so far, I can say I’m moving along as best as I can. Doing what I love, enjoying how I do it and supporting my brothers and sisters out there in the big writing world by reading their offerings.

As I write, I’ll leave Halloween and the spirit it entails stashed in the closet next to lawn decorations and carry on towards the inevitable dental appointment from Sweet Tart overload and Heath bars. I’ll continue to write as I leave the ghosts of another holiday behind me while embracing the ones resting comfortably in my mind.


Photo Credit: Joel Robison. Nov. 2nd, 2012. Website: http://joelrobison.com/october-monthly-recap/


Enjoy the season and have fun, save me some candy…just in case! 😀




5 thoughts on “Random Image Day!-#36

  1. Love the photo! I’m grateful too for all the wonderful and talented writers I’ve met online and that includes you, my friend. I’m also grateful for everyone who has read and reviewed my book and that also includes you. When I sit down to read your books it’s going to be one after the other because that’s how I enjoy reading a book series. I’m finishing a book now and then I’m going to beta read for someone and then I’ll get started with The Keeper Chronicles.
    Do not eat all that candy! 😮 You’ll regret it in the morning. 😉 xo

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    1. Aww, thank you for the kind words. You made my Monday! I’m love the indie community and all that it entails and appreciate the support of talented like-minded individuals who, to be honest, come up with some awesome reads! I promise not to eat it all, I’m making it an extended event lol. 😉

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