Random Image Day!-#34

I almost did a cartwheel this morning. Ok, busted. I thought about doing one then realized I’m about as flexible as a cinder block, but at least I gave it a go in theory. Why would I even remotely envision myself attempting something I know would land me in the ER looking like a crash test dummy thrown off a building? Simply put, because it’s October 1st!

We’re starting the season off right at the Bearded Scribbler and diving right into my favorite season! Now that the RRBC Blog Hops have reached their conclusion and the celebratory “debut” of Book 3 post has been tossed out into the world, we can get back to the creepy and cool of this time of year.


The weather begins to shift and the veil begins to weaken. The heavier clothes start to make an appearance as meals start arriving in bowls. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like heartier meals and desserts made of pumpkin, apples, or just random Halloween candy!?

The magic begins to increase as the wind carries with it a whisper of longer nights and starry filled skies amid pumpkins, bats, ghouls, and ghosts. Those who love the cooler weather will be found with a spring to their steps and eyes all aglow in the wonderment of the season. What better way to enjoy the magic but with a new read, or many!?

To start October off right, let’s call it Bootober, or Scareober, or Octocreepber…well you get it. If not, just follow along and enjoy the spills and thrills πŸ˜‰ We’ll be focusing on newly released and upcoming reading material from a slew of authors, new inspirations for the writing season, and more frivolity than a bag of honey badgers superglued to each other!

Starting off, let’s check out the word weavers of the writing world by listing some very talented ladies who are putting the “omg” back into well, just about everything they write. I’m posting links, a couple are preorder and coming out soon, but don’t let that stop you! Check out a few of their offerings and enjoy the season with a little creepy, a little horror, and a little dark fantasy! Tell them Kester sent ya, but don’t blame me if you end up in a bad situation, tis the season and all…trust me, you’ll love every minute. πŸ˜€


Ellie Douglas-Preorder now! Coming in October-Halloween to be specific!! Her work, Fear Inducer, was reviewed here a few months back!


Suzanne Burke-Nothing tastes better than Karma! Her book, Mind-Shaft was also reviewed right here!


Vashti Quiroz-Vega–Preorder her Fantasy Angels Series: Book 2 Now! It comes out in early Nov., but if the first was any indication, you’re going to want to snag it! Dark Fantasy for the win!


There are of course so so many wonderfully talented ladies out there bringing the creepy and the cool to our reading and writing world, but due to space and time we can’t mention and post them all. Then again, maybe we will during our book reviews or create a large listing of all the supernatural, evil, spirited witchy haunts that are offered! Pick up a book and let them cast a spell on you, you won’t regret it! Stay tuned, the fun is just getting starting and oh, save me a peanut butter cup from your Halloween hauls. πŸ˜€



Photo Credit: The Autumn Witch. October 2017 by MADmoiselleMeli. https://www.deviantart.com/madmoisellemeli

4 thoughts on “Random Image Day!-#34

  1. Wow! Thank you for this awesome post, K! Firstly, that image is gorgeous. I love it. Thank you for featuring my book as well as Ellie and Suzanne’s books. You are awesome! You’ve got me so excited for October! ❀ xx

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