Hold my baby, it’s the debut of Book 3!

As writers, especially indie authors, we go through a lot. Those within the realm of artists, be it paint, photography, or really anyone who creates can attest that there are times when we’re one drop of drool away from an asylum when it comes to our craft. As self-published authors, it can sometimes feel like we’re trying to lasso a tornado or herding cats when it comes to drafting, revising, editing, formatting, and the entire process. Sometimes we go a little crazy, sometimes that crazy makes magic.

In the span of a couple months, yes months because I’m not a magician with an additional twenty fingers able to run on multiple keyboards, magic happened. Maybe not the kind you imagine, but for me, it was oddly supernatural. It could be kismet or fate, but in the end, it was considered magic and good enough for me.

I managed to complete Book 3 of my supernatural fantasy and magical realism series, The Keeper Chronicles titled, “Withering Haunts” which oddly enough popped into my head after nixing several other contenders. Everything was complete, the only thing missing, my cover.

Yes, the cover, front and back. Anyone who has ever written a book can tell you that beyond the blurb writing hell we go through that cover design is an additional beast with many heads. Either one has to be talented enough to attempt your own or you have to pass it off to someone who can, I think we all know where I’m heading. I needed to swaddle my beastly creation, my baby, and hand it off to someone who could share my vision and masterfully navigate my spinning circus of ideas on what I expected. I have to admit I was nervous. It all worked out, my baby came home, the rest is now history. This is where the magic part got even better…

Before dropping the book pic, I just want to add a little information. Eeva from The Book Khaleesi at http://thebookkhaleesi.com did an amazing job and I could not possibly be any happier with the finished product. She took my baby and handed it back shinier, fresher, and shimmering with so much love that I’m surprised it didn’t start giggling and dancing, which would be weird considering it’s a book, but I digress. Major kudos to her skill and ability to “artify”(I don’t care I like the word and I’m sticking with it) from minor details. Much love and cheers to her continued success and all she works with. If you get the chance or are in need, I highly recommend. πŸ˜€

Now that I’m done blathering on, here’s what you came for, or at least I hope it was because the toilets broke and we’re fresh out of cookies!

WH 3D 3

Don’t forget the fun isn’t over for me, you, or the slew of others out in the big world as we creep closer to Halloween and everything it entails. Other indie authors out there are producing some awesome work that beckons to be read and enjoyed. Some are already out, others are shortly coming down the pipeline so keep reading and collecting the magic, it’s there for everyone. If you’re writing or just starting out, there’s plenty in you already so keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep making magic babies! (Well, you know what I mean.) πŸ˜€


14 thoughts on “Hold my baby, it’s the debut of Book 3!

  1. Congrats on your new release Kester. What an amazing cover.
    It really grabs my attention.
    I am.going to have to start with book one. I wish you much success!

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  2. Congratulations, Kester! Great post and I’m loving the cover. Eeva Lancaster has created my last two book covers and I couldn’t more delighted with them. As for the writing thing …To quote the masterful Ernest Hemingway “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Sigh. I’m now off to bounce around the rubber walls of my room.😊

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  3. Congratulations, my friend! What a beautiful cover! I agree, Eeva did a great job with it. I wish you lots of luck and all the best with your new book and the entire series.I have all three books in the series, so I’m going to hunker down pretty soon to get them all read. I’m looking forward to it. ❀ xx

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