Random Image Day!-#32

It’s been a while. Ok, it’s been longer than that and we both know it, but adulting and all. It’s that time again to start anew, to fire up the old brain pan for new and exciting adventures in the writing world and the world of randoms right outside our windows.

This month, although we’re nearly two weeks in, we’ll be focusing on the unseen, the creepy, the cool of the supernatural and paranormal. We’re calling it Supernatural September, but feel free to add your own special seasonings or sauce if it makes you feel better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The start of fall is coming up quick and bringing with it cooler nights, creepier chills, and the haunting thrills of the season. If you write in or enjoy horror, supernatural, paranormal, or even darker fantasy and mystery when reading than you have no excuse not to jump in and get carried away during our favorite time of the year!

I’m am currently finishing up edits on Book 3 of The Keeper Chronicles and am preparing to get the book cover done so it can be released during the fall season of fun, fear, and fresh victims! Can you believe it, book 3!? I’m just as surprised as you are, trust me. Also, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve changed our page name to “The Bearded Scribbler” as I’m not as angry as I once was, but still damn cute and chubby! I’m a freakin’ delight, ask anyone!

Many new books are hitting shelves and coming down the road from our indie community that will have you gripping your pillow tight and leaving more than one light on in your house. Stay tuned to this page and many more as I’ll be reviewing some and listing others in an attempt to spread the fall feels! If you have suggestions or are working on a book, a short, a novella, or a pamphlet even and you think I may be interested, drop me a line. I may very well be!

Stick with us, get inspired, get reading, and continue writing if that’s what makes you tick because people are out there waiting for your work and reading for the love of it all! Climb in and buckle up, we’ve got some fear to induce, some chills to feel, and some creepy in need of cracking! Much love, don’t touch the radio and we break when the tank hits empty!



5 thoughts on “Random Image Day!-#32

      1. Aw, you’re so sweet. That’s why I love you. Muah! I’m doing the last of the reading to then get it formatted. Hopefully that won’t take too much longer. I don’t know how you guys do everything so fast. You have an awesome week also, my friend! โค xx

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