Random Book Review!-Jitters by Ken Stark

Ending on a high note, we take a look at Ken Stark’s, “Jitters” as it fits perfectly well into our trip down the mental lane showcased in March. Inner demons, check! Action sequences filled with horror, check! Insects, check! If you like your thrills and chills on the creepy crawler side of life, you can’t go wrong with Stark’s work. Check it out if you dare!


4.0 out of 5 stars —Grab the bug spray, this tale of terror comes with teeth!

By Kester James Finley on March 29, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
Ken Stark’s book Jitters takes readers on an action-packed short story through the creepy, the crawly, and the nauseatingly detailed that does nothing to address most readers’ fears of insects and things that may, or may not, come out of hiding when the lights go out. It does, however, serve up a chance for his readers to test the limits of their own intestinal fortitude to continue to the end of this skin itch-inducing tale and you will love every minute of the trip.

Right from the start, Stark makes no claims that this is going to be a cute and blossoming flower adventure for kids of all ages. The cover alone allows all who venture to his creation a skittering and scurrying clue as to what lies and wait for the bravest of readers and it is within the span of five pages that readers will very well wish for unicorns and rainbows to save them. I considered myself brave, a man who can handle just about anything, I was wrong, so very wrong.

Jitters introduces us to the main character of Harold, a man that Stark clearly and expertly details with such finesse that we can automatically determine that he is, “that guy,” a perfect representation of someone all of us either work with, live with, or know in passing. Harold is presented in such a way as to be relatable, a character we can understand for the human aspect, but someone we wouldn’t normally want to deal with in our daily lives. A character you love to hate or hate to love, Harold is seen as struggling with so many variables while displaying a personality that borders on the offensive it seems inevitable that he would soon be joined by, dare I say, a cast of thousands, none needing a name. The human aspect of Stark’s work gets the job done and allows his tale to ruthlessly weave through to its fitting conclusion.

The details within Jitters displays Stark’s expert talent of detailing the action sequences in such a way that readers will instantly feel nauseated from the raw truth of his words while comparing it all to their own experiences when dealing with the insect world. Every crunch, skitter, squeak, and pop is expertly outlined with a brilliant flare that will most certainly elicit a “yuck” or “gross” from many a reader while the action will keep their hearts racing and eyes glued to the pages.

While Jitters is a shorter read, Stark manages to pack enough punch within the pages to keep readers pressing on through the carnage he has masterfully created. There were a few grammar errors that may draw a reader from the book, but when it came down to it, I personally was thankful for the brief escape if only to check my own surroundings for any creepy crawlers.

If you are looking for a shorter read with enough action to satisfy, you would do well to give Jitters a try. Beware, however, that it will stick with you for days afterward and will leave you more cognizant of the insects in your own little world. The thrills and chills of Jitters are all due to Stark, the odd rustling of hairs on your body and that strange itch that wakes you up at night, well, that may be something else entirely. 😉

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