Random Book Review-A Perilous Thirst by Rhani D’Chae

Keeping up with the scares and thrills we’ve got planned in February, I recently read the short story, “A Perilous Thirst,” by Rhani D’Chae. It may not be the frights and fears we’re searching for, but taking it slow, you’ll find that sometimes the terror and horror comes from within and emotions are just as scary as the evil that lurks in the night. Stay tuned followers, we’re just getting started!

Below is my review that is posted on both Amazon and Goodreads. I highly recommend you check out D’Chae’s offering!


Short and powerfully gripping!
From the moment you read, “A Perilous Thirst,” by Rhani D’Chae you will be hooked. D’Chae takes her readers on a brief but powerfully gripping journey into the life and times of a vampire in need, in more ways than one. Told from the viewpoint of the vampire in question, D’Chae offers her readers a chance to see and understand this creature of the night from a different perspective, namely his own, in an intimate setting beyond the running and screaming that is so commonplace when it comes to vampires.

Starting off slowly, readers will no doubt feel an instant connection with the character D’Chae so vividly details and will notice the similarity between Anne Rice’s book and later film, “Interview with a Vampire,” yet D’Chae’s masterful techniques and settings make it more a conversation then lengthy interview. As the details emerge throughout D’Chae’s short story offering, readers will understand, relate, and ultimately fall headfirst into the world she so brilliantly designed.

“A Perilous Thirst” at first glance, could be considered horror, but ends up so much more than that without the excessive need for violence and bloodshed. It could be understood that Rhani D’Chae’s work seeks to explore and shed light on more than the common horrors that seek sustenance in the night by offering her main character the plight of the human condition. It is these things that, coupled with her descriptive writing, we are driven to a place we never saw coming and left there to contemplate our own shortcomings. The emotions are real and can be considered the one thing that ultimately connects us all, human and nearly immortal, alike. No names are offered within D’Chae’s work, minus a dedication nod, but none are needed as the main player seems to resonate the emotions that correlate to everyone, everywhere.

If you are seeking something dripping with the innards of those foolish enough to venture out into the darkness all around us, you should probably search elsewhere. If you are searching for a different spin on one of the many creatures of the night and a focus on the darkness of emotional turmoil within each of us, you will not find a better offering than “A Perilous Thirst,” by Rhani D’Chae. It is a short story, but it will truly stay with you long after the last page.

Amazon link to review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3F4ERKO4NGACY/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01DKF57V8
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29740564-a-perilous-thirst

6 thoughts on “Random Book Review-A Perilous Thirst by Rhani D’Chae

  1. A fabulous and well-deserved review for “A Perilous Thirst” It remains one of my favorite reads of 2017. I have now read all of Rhani’s current books, and am eagerly awaiting the sequel to ‘Shadow of The Drill.’ Thanks for sharing this with us, Kester.

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