Random Image Wednesday!-#17

Cold weather is coming to Florida, well, cold for us anyway. We don’t normally get snow, but when temperatures drop down to the 40s and 30s during the day, we feel it. The thin-blooded flip-flop wearing sun bunnies we normally are have never fared well in this type of environment. It’s bitter cold out, to us anyway. To many a Northerner, today would be perfect but for many down south, we simply want to hide under a mound of blankets and sweatpants. Today is no exception. As I write, it’s currently almost 9am and 40 degrees out. Add to the mix is driving rain and 20mph wind gusts making it feel like we’re sitting someplace far to the north, someplace shorts and open-toed shoes would dare not tread.

Weather in Florida, anywhere really, is a crap shoot and is bound to change at a moment’s notice. It brings change, it whispers a shift and is something every writer should include, or at least think about, in their work. It may seem like something you could easily gloss over, but the weather should always play a part in the bigger picture. Weather sets the stage, the mood, provides ambiance to the scene and can also be used to interact with our characters. Case in point, it ain’t called Singing in the Fog or Afternoon of the Living Dead.

These posts will be about showcasing a random picture I find in the hopes of inspiring others to create ideas for their writing. I have found that generating a quick 1-3 sentence scenario, a blurb, a scene, or a full novel concept based on a random picture has worked wonders in opening up the floodgates to new ideas and enjoyment in the world of fiction. It is my hope that others will find these images and possibly be inspired to jump into the wild world of writing and become the author they always wanted to be.

Without further ado, our 17th entry!-

Foggy Rainy Road Bare Forest Winter Fog Rain Wallpaper HD 1920x1080

Don’t forget to provide your readers with clues to the environment. Weather should play a part in your work, utilize it! Make us sad and depressed with rain and fog, romantic and hopeful with sunny days, warm and filled with melancholy with a light snow,  or simply scare us beyond belief with crashing waves brought in by hurricanes, just be mindful of the weather and the rest falls into place!

Like, hate, love? Feel free to comment below with any tips, ideas, or head nods. 🙂

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