Random Image Wednesday!-#8

It’s that time again, time once more to dive into the Halloween spirit and let our creepy flags fly high and proud. If you’ve been following the blog for this month you may have noticed the theme, yes we’ve had creepy and cool, dark and mysterious, but more often than not, pumpkins have made an appearance in all their autumn glory.

Tis the season when it comes to pumpkins, and nothing gets us more in the mood to celebrate the creeptastic excitement that comes with autumn, namely Halloween. Between the scary films and candy, there’s carving or decorating the little guys for spooks and giggles. Next month they’ll be used for pies around our dinner table, but I digress, now is their time to shine!

There’s something animalistic about carving a pumpkin, something that harkens back to the days of hunter and gatherer. It’s never a pretty sight when we slice and dice, cut and saw our way through decorating, but it does soothe the savage beasts inside us all. The aspect of scooping out slimy mounds of pumpkin innards just says, hey I like it dirty, but more importantly, it treats us to an experience that gets us motivated for the big night.

Halloween will come and go, it has for years and years now, but the magic should live on through the rainy days, past the hot summers, and when we least expect to find it. It’s fun and a little bit spooky, mysterious and just a wee bit sinister. It creeps along seeping into the days and night until BOOM!, it’s upon you like a fat black cat with a hankering for the skin of our toes.

As a writer, it is truly the best time for me to enjoy my genre and it happens to be my favorite, hands down. The cooler temps, the change of attitude, the touch of the arcane slinking around the edge of reality. You may not like Halloween, and that’s ok. I do, and I celebrate it with reckless abandon…reckless meaning I open the windows and sit around in my pajamas and bang keys until my wrists hurt while downing massive amounts of sugary treats while horror films play in an endless loop behind my head. Yeah, it’s like that.

If you write, if you’ve struggled with ideas, look to Halloween for assistance, for inspiration, for magic. Look to the entire month of October as a collective library of points, plots, and possible scenarios all waiting for you to explore. The change in weather, the fall colors, the sound of the wind outside, the magic, the evil, the cool all conspire to inspire. Look to the supernatural blossoming out from the Halloween season, chances are, it’s looking right back at you. Happy Hauntings!

These posts will be about showcasing a random picture I find in the hopes of inspiring others to create ideas for their writing. I have found that generating a quick 1-3 sentence scenario, a blurb, a scene, or a full novel concept based on a random picture has worked wonders in opening up the floodgates to new ideas and enjoyment in the world of fiction. It is my hope that others will find these images and possibly be inspired to jump into the wild world of writing and become the author they always wanted to be.

Without further ado, our 8th entry!


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