Random Image Wednesday!-#5

With October already barreling its way, weather-wise, into many states, I thought I would start this week’s random image inspiration with the creepier side of the fall season, that being the critters. No Halloween season would be complete without at least an entry for the most commonly seen animals that spark fear, anxiety, or just plain creepy fun in any form. We’re often treated to bats, spiders, and a host of others during the autumn months, and between the ghosts, ghouls, shrieks, and howls the one main constant has been the addition of animals to our already elevated states of frighteningly good fun.

Growing up in Florida, the autumn season is not as pronounced as it is in most states. We do not get the rapidly decreasing temperatures or the splendid color changing trees. We do, however, still carry the spirit of the season even if our pumpkins rot within days on the front porch, or we’re wearing shorts and tank tops in the corn maze. We are not blessed with nature’s cooling kiss, but we still carry our love for Halloween and we learn to live with the animals that tend to enjoy it also, especially the bats.

While most people in other states are bundling up and preparing for much cooler temps, we are usually “Florida-ing” it up and still cooking out on the grill and swimming. During the evening hours, especially if you do not have a pool with a roofed enclosure you can always expect a couple of pass-bys from our local bat community. As the little wind racers dart and jet around your head catching insects, we’re reminded that we share this space, mainly nature with other creatures, even if they are commonly portrayed as evil in most movies.

They may seem scary, but they are not. They may come with an evil connotation attached, but they are relatively harmless. Well, I say harmless, unless one happens into your wet hair by accident sending you into hysterics and fulfilling a lifelong nightmare brought on by countless hours in front of the television watching scare-inducing movies that feature them. To that, I say, cheers and enjoy. They love Halloween as much as we do!


These posts will be about creating a quick 1-3 sentence scenario, a blurb, a scene, or a full novel concept based on a random picture I have chosen. It is my hope that others will find these images and possibly be inspired to jump into the wild world of writing fiction.

Without further ado, our fifth entry!



Have a comment, a book idea, a concept that you want to share? Leave a reply below and enjoy the creepiness of our autumn season and all that it entails! 😉

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