My new love for the novella?


I used to think that novellas were just small books, half a book if you will. They were not, at least by me, considered as important as those giant bound books I would commonly find myself reading for weeks at a time. In today’s day and age, I have found myself drawn to the smaller works because they may appear thinner than most, but many of them pack a mighty punch of good reading and take a quarter of the time to enjoy.

As an author of a larger book, 446 pages to be exact, I am curiously intrigued by other writers’ abilities to cram as much information and adventure into a much smaller page count.  I tend to become overly wordy and am often terrified of editing my work down so much it becomes a shell, but not authors of novellas. No, these masters of smaller works have skillfully managed to create awesome reads with a quarter of the pages most others need just to supply descriptions. They take us on wonderful journies of action, suspense, and drama in half the time and I admire their skills. They are not half books by any measure and I for one have found a new love of reading more as a result.

I also would like to try my hand at novellas. I would like to create one or two series that will easily fall into this realm but want to hear from others.

Did you write a novella or a short story? Was it easier or harder for you during editing and revising? Do you find they attract a certain level of interest compared to larger works? Let me know, explain, show me in the comments below!

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